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Safe Environment Lesson Plans and Resources for Children

Recertification is an online training for those already trained and certification date is near expiration.

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Background checks are required with recertification. This recertification is good for five years. Visit www. Click "Safe Environment" for more information on victim outreach, training dates, policies and anti-pornography efforts. Circle of Grace is a faith-based and clinically sound safe environment program Archbishop George Lucas has mandated that Circle of Grace be taught to all children K annually in Catholic school, religious education programs, and youth ministry programs.

Circle of Grace

Parishes and Schools may use these lessons alone or in any combination, according to their needs. Bishop Kagan has established a requirement that curriculum materials be mailed to the household of students who are absent from class on the day of training, or whose parents have opted out of student training.

Please accurately track attendance in order to compile correct numbers for the annual Safe Environment audit. These words empower children and young people with the distinctions they need to help recognize inappropriate behavior by those with whom they interact. Suggested activities, with instructions and appropriate handouts for students as needed.

Kindergarten through Grade 12

A closing group prayer that reflects the key message of the lesson. The lessons focus on an age-appropriate discussion of touching safety, relative to the specific roles that different people play in a child's life. All of the lessons stress the importance of keeping private body parts "private," and of telling a trusted adult about anyone's behavior that causes a child to feel uncomfortable or threatened. Additionally, a new set of introductory videos has been developed to make it easier and more comfortable for teachers and catechists to present the lessons to students.

Child sexual abuse is a sensitive topic. And, although the Teaching Safety program lessons include activities that are simple and fun, it is not easy for some adults to initiate a preliminary discussion about sexual abuse.

Even those who feel comfortable talking with their own children about these issues may find it challenging to talk about this subject matter in a classroom full of children or teenagers. The new Teaching Safety program video introductions are intended to relieve trainers of the responsibility for "breaking the ice" on this sensitive subject matter.

Safe Environment Training | The Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange

The presenter on the video opens the discussion, covers some basic issues, and allows the "live" trainer to use the activities and supplemental materials in the lesson plans to engage children and young people in meaningful discussions about recognizing and avoiding unsafe behaviors. So, while the video lays the groundwork, the trainer uses the activities to help students apply the message from the lessons to their daily lives. Each video introduction is approximately six to seven minutes long. In each age-appropriate video, a presenter will speak directly to children or young people about the purpose of the program and the goals for the lesson, as well as what the children can expect from the activities and discussion. The presenter will introduce the touching safety rules and the concepts of "safe" and "unsafe" friends and adults, and provide some basic facts, vocabulary words, definitions, and discussion points that will be further developed through the activities and supplemental materials provided in the "live" portion of the training.

Child, Youth & Adult Protection

Grades K through 5 this video is used to introduce both the Grade K-2 lessons and the Grade lessons Grades 6 through 8 Grades 9 through Also, the videos are available in English and Spanish language versions. And, all Spanish videos were written and produced as Spanish language presentations, and not merely as voice over translations or subtitles.

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The themes covered in an age-appropriate way, of course in each of the three years are: Year 1 Lesson 1: The Touching Rules -Students learn simple rules about what to do and how to react when someone's touch is confusing, scary, or makes the child or young person feel uncomfortable.